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How to maintain kitchen cabinet hardware accessories ?Maintenance skills 1. The hardware fittings of the kitchen cabinet should be wiped with a dry cloth frequently, otherwise it is easy to rust. 2. If the cabinet hinge is used for a long time, it will make a sound. In order to keep it smooth and quie ... (02/09/2021 20:03:40)
How To Lock A Door knob ?Find the keyhole. If your doorknob is accompanied by a lock, you should see a jagged slit on the outward-facing knob of the door. There should be a locking button on the inside part of the knob. The jagged slit is the keyhole. If you have a key for t ... (18/08/2021 13:55:53)
What is a Barrel Bolt ?A latch bolt is the part of a door that keeps the door from coming open. In order to be a latch bolt, the item needs to slide into place. This separates the latch bolt from chain locks or hooks, where the fastening mechanism is simply placed in a hol ... (03/08/2021 19:41:28)
How to install a door knob lock ?1. Disassemble the spherical door lock first. The sphere that can be inserted into the keyhole is the outer sphere, and the sphere without the keyhole is the inner shape. Find the small hole of the door lock, and poke the inner ball with a sharp obje ... (23/07/2021 19:32:02)
How to install cabinet handle ?1. Measure the installation hole distance of the handle with a tape measure. 2. Use the handle to draw down the cabinet door panel, and measure the installation position on the cabinet door (closet or cabinet). 3. Choose a suitable size drill ... (15/07/2021 20:49:05)
SOME WAYS TO GET A BROKEN KEY OUT OF A LOCKTweezers When a key breaks off in the lock, most people go right for the tweezers. Your main concerns should be the thickness of your tweezers and how far the broken key is in the lock. Most tweezers are inappropriately sized for this task and will ... (17/04/2021 13:20:39)
How to Secure a Window With a Broken Lock ?Window bars/grillesThe simplest and most effective security option for windows are tough metal bars/grilles. People sometimes avoid them due to appearance, but there are obviously some very nice choices like the ones shown in the photo above. Unless ... (23/03/2021 19:06:17)
Maybe You Need A Hand Free Door Opener To Fight The COVID-19Degol:Maybe You Need A Hand Free Door Opener To Fight The COVID-19 By installing hands-free door openers, you're benefiting your business by: Creating a safe, COVID-free work/store environment Having to spend less money on more advanced ... (15/01/2021 15:48:02)
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