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Rajalakshmi Group of Institutions develop unique AI software to detect COVID-19In the aftermath of the World Health Organization’s designation of the novel coronavirus as a pandemic, several measures have been put in place by various Governments to minimise the spread of the infection. But still, COVID-19 continues to spread ... (12/04/2022 23:03:29)
Development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to detect COVID-19 condition from a chest X-rayRajalakshmi group of educational institutions in Chennai is familiar for their versatility of academic excellence and research activities. In the group, the Centre for Medical Imaging is formed with the objective of creating proficient solutions in m ... (12/04/2022 23:01:26)
GO ……go and learn GO!!Are you confident in Python Programming? Can you create AI applications using Python? Yes…. It’s wonderful and great. Also, be ready to learn the ‘Go’ Programming Language which is chasing Python to win the race! ‘Go’ also called Golan ... (12/04/2022 22:58:42)
Cloud Computing….?Cloud Computing can be defined as delivering computing power (CPU, RAM, Network Speeds, Storage OS software) service over a network (usually on the internet) rather than physically having the computing resources at the customer location. Example: AW ... (12/04/2022 22:43:14)
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