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Skin TreatmentSkin treatments are an important service that you should not deny yourself, containing many benefits for your wellbeing including; the removal of unwanted toxins and bacteria which cannot be achieved from home cleaning. Additionally, these unwanted p ... (20/04/2021 14:19:34)
New Service: Lash Lift at Beauty Brow ParlourWhat is a Lash Lift? A good way to understand a lash lift is to think of it as a perm for your lashes. Your beauty salon will then curl each individual lash using an eye-safe serum, all while you lay back and relax. A lash lift can provide you wi ... (19/04/2021 19:09:30)
ThreadingCome and visit one of our stores across Australia and one in Auckland Newmarket for the ideal temples you have ever wanted for with selective items and subsequently enhancing your beauty parlour and beauty salon. We offer beard growth expulsion a ... (14/04/2021 14:01:43)
Achieving perfect lashes — is it possible?Who doesn’t dream of having perfect lashes? Beauty trends come and go in a blink of an eye. But it looks as though eyelash beauty services are here to stay! If you have light or sparse lashes, you might opt for solutions like mascara, store-boug ... (14/04/2021 12:53:31)
EMBRACE YOUR BEAUTY, LIVE A LIFE OF CONFIDENCE AND ACCEPTANCE.As the sun shines and the birds sing, it’s the season for events! Weddings, birthday bashes, and graduations are lots of fun, and looking back on the snaps later is fun too! Avoid hiding away from the camera at your next big event by boosting ... (07/04/2021 12:49:44)
Isn’t there so much of the world to explore?The Beauty and Brow Parlour team believe you should never pass on adventure because you’re worried about how you look. We all love to share our journeys on social media, and you never know when you’ll have to pose for a snap. It’s hard fee ... (31/03/2021 13:05:10)
Look beautiful for less with our affordable beauty services!Affordable beauty is definitely not a myth with Beauty and Brow! Whether you want your brows on point, your lashes on fleek, or your skin to be soft and hair-free, the Beauty and Brow Parlour has got your back! We know it can be super tough to pri ... (24/03/2021 00:46:56)
Don’t have much time or too tired to finesse your eyelash?OUR SERVICES: – THREADING: The Beauty and Brow Parlour is a stringing expert in Australia and pioneers in our art in this customary technique for hair evacuation. Stringing permits us to eliminate undesirable hair with unequaled exactness and accu ... (17/03/2021 14:29:16)
Don’t have much time or too tired to finesse your eyelash?Attempt our Volume Eyelash Extension! At The Beauty and Brow Parlor, we offer both brief and perpetual lash augmentations. Nonetheless, you can return to the store for a top off at any stage, so you are ready for a date or a major occasion whenever w ... (17/03/2021 09:31:25)
Our Famous Henna Tinting Services Is Now in Victoria with 10% Discount PromotionEverybody's energized for the recently added Henna Tinting Services in 3 of our Victorian stores. Have you visited one of the stores and attempted our renowned Henna Tinting? If not, here is the rundown of the stores: Woodgrove Highpoint Foc ... (09/03/2021 16:06:39)
Search Submit HomeWeb DirectorySweepstakesArticlesReviews Beautiful lashes are just a blink away!Come on and let’s hop on this year’s trend at the Beauty & Brow Parlour! Today, having curled, long, and voluminous lashes are a trend and a pretty common thing to do. If you want to achieve your dream lashes without the help of lash curlers, ... (23/02/2021 13:02:06)
Sick of clumpy mascara, panda eyes, and all that hassle?Are you wondering about the best option to get your eyelashes looking luscious, full of volume, and all-around gorgeous? At The Beauty Parlour, we are proud to offer both lash extensions and lash lifts for whatever you need from your eyelashes! La ... (08/12/2020 17:47:36)
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